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Snow Removal

The snow season is very beautiful because people enjoy it, however the snow, in turn, brings the accumulation of snow on the ground, when the snow accumulates above 2 cm it is necessary the manual snow removal service before it is Too late and cause accidents, and when it accumulates above 5 cm from the ground, the mechanical snow removal is used since the snow becomes thicker and the work is heavier to do it manually, in this snow season do not allow yourself to be It’s too late, call JT Lawn Care, LLC., we are specialists in Snow Removal and we will gladly help you solve your problem with the snow and so you can enjoy this season in the best way.



Lawn Service is Important to Homeowners!


Creates landscapes of beauty and elegance. We then enhance that beauty with with our variety of customized services.


When you take care of your trees you are protecting your property from weak branches, promotes their health…


Gutters that are neglected will carry heavy debris accumulated over time, this can damage the angle of the gutter…

Our Latest Projects

Aeration Seeding Fertilizer Lime

When spring and autumn occurs, it is the best time to carry out the aeration process and at this moment it is where our work begins, since from this process the quality of always that is done for the grass is defined, then the next step is the sowing and fertilization once the risks of freezing by the cold were avoided, then to maintain during the whole process of planting of grass a correct ph the lime service is used, in this way the levels necessary for growth and maintenance are controlled of the grass, with JT Lawn Care, LLC. You are guaranteed that we are going to elaborate on all this process for you or the part that you want us to do so that you can admire a beautiful aesthetic and healthy garden.

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