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Lawn Service is important to homeowners. A homeowner’s lawn and garden is an extension of the home. It’s a place where children play, burgers are grilled, and memories made. Whether you want to keep it simple or elaborate, it’s imperative that both lawns and gardens are planted correctly and maintained accordingly. At JT Lawn Care, LLC, we offer a large variety of plants and services. We always find the appropriate assortment of plants and the appropriate maintenance plan to create the lawn and garden you’ve always envisioned.

The plants that are originally in your yard may not be the right variety for the soil or sunlight quality of the space. When landscaping is not properly fertilized, the plants may acquire a disease or stunt in growth. If you’re unsure whether the plants in your garden or lawn are compatible with your yard, our team will perform a free assessment. Once the assessment is complete, we will determine which plants should be replaced or which should remain, while some of your plants may merely need to be moved. At JT Lawn Care, LLC, we try our best to keep the plants you love or want to keep.

Additionally, even if the plants do work with the soil and sun you may want something else. If you’ve envisioned a different look for your lawn, we can help design an outdoor space that will meet every detail of your vision.


Lawn Service is Important to Homeowners!


Creates landscapes of beauty and elegance. We then enhance that beauty with with our variety of customized services.


When you take care of your trees you are protecting your property from weak branches, promotes their health…


Gutters that are neglected will carry heavy debris accumulated over time, this can damage the angle of the gutter…

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